Student Service Center ‘Keremet’

             “About Student Service Center” Keremet “NSC” Al-Farabi KazNU

     The Keremet Student Service Center of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is the largest university service center, which in its structure and functional content of services provided on the principle of “one window” and “one office” has no full-fledged analogues in the world. Practical significance: The center is to provide over 500 socially significant, educational, medical, social, cultural, leisure, and youth center services on a one-stop-shop principle. Ideology: The center was opened as part of a unique innovative project “Al-Farabi university smart city”, based on the teachings of the great thinker Abu Nasr al-Farabi about a virtuous city. The student Service Center ‘Keremet’ is a virtuous house in which, on the basis of collective mutual assistance, high ethical standards and social responsibility, a qualitatively new level of socially significant services is being introduced.



Our address: 
71/21 Al-Farabi Ave.
Bostandyk district, Almaty

Working hours
Mon-Fri 9:00 - 23:00

Contact numbers:

 +7 (727) 377 33 33 (ext 14-11)